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picasa ... >>pam: and bay area man killed in libya while serving as the ambassador to that nation. anti-terrorism units are being dispatched to libya. they want to know if the attacks were triggered by a terrorist group. >>grant: the attack happened during a night of anti-american protests in it than gauzy and cairo, egypt. his angry over you to video mocking a profit mohammed.
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mobs roamed the streets of benghazi and a cup of heavily armed man to physicians outside the consulate using rocket-propelled grenades, they set fire to the building. the ambassador, an aide and two marine guards took refuge in an interior room of the smoke was intense. three of the fort made it to the roof of the building that stephens was taken to hospital where he was prince of debt from smoke inhalation. the attack has the marks of an al-qaeda operation. >> this was a clear and targeted a band. >> the president has sent two warships equipped with missiles to the cost. >> a big mistake, we will bring to justice the killers
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who attacked our people. >>pam: and christopher stephens is being remembered in berkeley.
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to >> 800 is and and internal >>pam: on the eve of the funeral for kim young strum, we're learning more about his killer. >>jan: the memorial service for office to announce some will be on mission church in a vacaville.
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the church is just off of interstate 80. >>pam: the man who shot and killed off as a youngster was killed by another officer. tonight, we're learning more about christopher lazy.
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>> after the fatal shooting, a bat that was found inside of the suspect's gene containing ammunition, a shoulder holster, and that is according to the search warrant. as to why a computer software engineer would need to carry a gun and multiple rounds of ammunition, they might find that information with what was as if his trailer. investigators did several computers, computer towers, servers and a thumb drive. i spoke with several people at hewlett-packard were lazy was due to show up.
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>> fog building up along the coastline.
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>> we will continue to feel the warm temperatures drop the week and a gradual cooling is expected as we head into the work week. >>pam: it appears that oakland will lose the golden state warriors in the years to come. rumors have swirled about and the oakland a's and their raiders leading as well. >> we are the heart of the population growth projected in the center in the bay area. the population is moving east in oakland is the heart of that.
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[ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces.
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[ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you. >> today, we are going to introduce iphone 5. >>pam: the new iphone has been
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officially unveiled. apple made the announcement today in san francisco. you see here hands on the phone september 21st or pre order on september 14th. that is not all that apple announced. >> the iphone 5 is the thinnest we have ever made. >> 7.6 mm 7.6 mm fan making it percent better. surprisingly thin and light. it is taller than the current iphone. it features apple's new processor chip making it two times faster than the current iphone. the headphone jack is now on the bottom of the fog.
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>> the new ipod touch is 6 mm then.
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>> the new ipod tests will support siri. >> it has a blue to the and a built in speedometer. >> it is incredibly portable and light. it is only 5 mm did. almost 40 percent that of the minetta it replaces. we have spent three years designing an entirely new head fog. >> apple's says the ear buds will be the most comfortable. they have scanned the thousands of human years to find the exact shape that will be comfortable for everyone.
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>>pam: if you are sold of a new iphone 5, what should you do with her old life of? as dan kerman tells us, there are many options available if you would like to sell it. >> the unveiling of the iphone 5 means that many people will be selling their iphone 44 iphone 4s. time is running at if you are looking to get a good price. >> the iphone 4s price has dropped to $99. their resale value will drop significantly. >> your first selling option is to do-it-yourself, selling the phone on ebay or cragslist. >> on those sites you will get the most,
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the >> they have taken about a 10% did. by the end of the week, expected 25 percent dip in pricing. you definitely need to lock in your price down. >> and the last 30 days we have seen more than 7% increase.
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>> the read on this green indicates '90s.
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mid '80s there martina's and iran that. it will be a nice day for the coast as well. '90s throughout the weekend and a gradual cooling trend kicking in with upper 80s and low seventies for the bay, mid-60's for the coast. >>pam: the reno air show kicks off today.
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warm hearts and speed caused the plane to crash.
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>> the numbers or actually the infinite sequence of pipe. >> it is a constant number. it is a number considered by some to be a rational and also a universal truth. since i is infinite we can
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never really know what's 8 8 means. >>gary: the giants and colorado are sailing home. their raiders have a new long snapper.
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>> kron4 has a baseball fever. the giants and a's are in a position to make the playoffs. we're updating progress every inning of every game. we will post about each team's game and, there will be comments to the post as updates. let's hope you're on the oakland a's and the giants.
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>> highs tomorrow in the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s, your forecast is coming
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>>pam: coming up at 8:30 p.m. a string of robberies in the south bay city, it looked at which neighborhoods or targeted and, a security headache at u.s. airports could become a thing of the past, a look at what is coming to airport security checkpoints.
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>>pam: new revelations against a former jesuit teacher and the south bay. he has been accused of sexual misconduct at this san jose prep school. rob fladeboe has more on that. >> he has been in the area for 10 years but they did not tell anyone until yesterday. >> he spent the day warning residents to protect themselves from an accused serial child molester. >> our message right now is that this brother is in the area
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and we do not think he is supervised well. people should protect their kids. >> he is talking about this judge will brother who now resides here at this sacred heart jesuit center. hong from bonds on tuesday, a credible accusations from a former student claims he was sexually molested by fearing to in some 40 years ago, in the 1960's. >> i think the jesuits are doing damage control. they have known about allegations as far back as 2002 half but have not said anything now that a victim has come forward i think they're doing damage control. thirdthird >> he says if carrington went on to teach at jesuit high school in carmichael in the '70s and '80s where he was reportedly dismissed for improper conduct listed as their. >> we have known about allegations concerning him,
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photographs and different allegations, he has been known as in he is on a dish of accountability. >> he alleges that the jesuits' new about his troubled past but have taken no action. he does suspect other victims will soon be coming forward. >>pam: santa clara county prosecutors announced that they will not see perjury charges against former jesuit priest jeremy lin there. he took the stand if to testify against a man who assaulted him in 2010. lynch claimed that if leonard molested him more than 30 years ago. he was not able to pursue the top molestations charges because they were after the six year statute of limitations. that in 1988, the catholic churpriest reached a settlement with went for more than $600,000 in
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connection with the abuse allegations. tonight, we spoke with william lynch about the prosecutor's decision. he said he was disappointed and he spoke about the latest abuse allegations surrounding another jesuit priest. >> it is right on par with my own personal experience with what is happening. the move these guys are around and more children get hurt. hopefully this guy will be brought to justice. for >> these guys are not on lockdown. they are free to go. the church is not doing with the need to do to keep these guys from having access to children. i a.m sure in the coming weeks more victims will come forward. i would not be surprised. >>pam: lynch says he is working on creating an
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organization to help empower victims as well as a repeal the statute of limitations in abuse cases. >>grant: here is a kron4 contractor, palo alto police are investigating a spike in residential burglaries. 31 homes had been burglarized in august and september august here is a massive that you can see exactly where it is happening. these are the areas that have seen multiple break-ins. new at 8:00 p.m., police here read examines what police are to slow down a recent rise in burglaries. fifth >> considered a safe community, palo alto has seen a rise in crime. and a ticket home breweries during his time most people are
8:35 pm
at work. the police department is stepping up patrols. they tell us that these want to get in and out as quickly as possible, so do not make it easy for them. >> i lock my deep in my doors. >> that is the wise thing to do. during the first three months of this year there was a spike in break-ins periods >> we can be in an area and a crook can c.s. and take off.
8:36 pm
that is a burglary prevented. 2012 has seen the highest number of home burglaries for this time of year. >> the police department tells us they have double the amount of officers in the field during the hours that these burglaries' are taking place. they are urging community to step up and support any suspicious activity to help put a stop to these crimes. >> the fog is all relate rolling in. low clouds and fog tomorrow morning but it will clear pretty early. we are expecting sunshine and warmer temperatures inland.
8:37 pm
fog will grow more widespread government. we will see some nineties in the east bay inland valleys. blow-mid '80s for the north bay. your full forecast is coming up in just a bit. f stanley: coming up, one o the filthiest beaches in the bay.
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>> this is what air travelers are used to now, shoes off, laptops and liquids out and the hands of for the bodies can. in seven years here transport association says airport security checkpoints could almost be hassle free. >> we are working to make travel more convenient. >> with the help of a fingerprint or retinol scans, passengers can get their boarding passes and then freeze through checkpoints. 350 people passed through the checkpoint in an hour, it is now down to 150 passengers an hour. new technology is constantly being tested like these machines
8:41 pm
which matches the information on the boarding pass with encoded information on your id. >> if you use a risk-based system, you are focusing your energy and resources where it is most required. >> their raiders and the 49ers in the news. gary radnich has the latest straight ahead.
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i think i sprayed myself. [ male announcer ] new mr. clean select-a-size magic eraser. lets you pick the right size for every job. >> training and of protecting this san francisco bay, today, the organization save the bay announced by the areas that have so much trash that they're violating the clean water act. they are all being targeted for cleanup. >>stanley: you are looking at a slinging is to save someone's life if they fall overboard except this is not a boat, it
8:45 pm
is the hayward shoreline located in hayward. it is one of the filthiest beaches in the bay. let's take a look. most of the shoreline is covered in broken glass. some of the class appears to have been here for decades. there are also broken dishes litter and the shoreline. besides the broken glass there are parts of shoes all of a the beach. >> i have been covering 30 waterways for years. every year, the trash returns.
8:46 pm
>> if you have a comment or story idea, e-mail us. >> it was pretty nice today and will be even hotter tomorrow. thank and mixed bag of '50s and '60s by 7:00 tomorrow. it will warm up pretty nicely and quickly.
8:47 pm
by noon, the '70s, '80s and '90s. more nineties through concord and pittsburgh. >> your 7 day around the bay shows us that we will continue to see '90s.
8:48 pm
a gradual cooling trend as we start the work week. >>gary: the giants are surging towards the national league west title. the rockies are 27 games below 500. hector sanchez, a need to the midsection.
8:49 pm
hector sanchez had a beautiful catch. 6-3 in the ninth inning. >>pam: the giants know how to party.
8:50 pm
>>gary: right now the oakland a's are leading the angels 2-0. their raiders will have a new player hiking the ball. he suffered a concussion in monday's loss to san diego. the raiders still think the can come back but just in case they have signed another rookie. carson colmar, no question, the raiders have to play better than they did on monday. the raiders are a 2.5 point favorites. it's >> the guys will be rested and we will be ready to play this game. we are excited to get back on the field. the guys are ready to play after monday night.
8:51 pm
we are not thinking about eight times and change. >> the 49ers are having rallies in san francisco. the purpose of the rally is to sell team gear. the main thing is to move the merchandise.
8:52 pm
or robert griffin is the nfl player of the week. it is the first time a rookie quarterback makes his debut in received the honor. it is always an honor when they can put something together in corn. it is an intricate corneille's located just outside of denver.
8:53 pm
>> and jim calhoun is retiring he is already and and the hall fame. in recent years he has had helped troubles in the violations here and there. a good time for calhoun to get out. jason kidd intensified his drunk driving charge. every time i look at this picture i say the same thing, how did he get out and touched? that is the sec that crash into a telephone pole. he says he was not driving drunk and he will take this thing to court, the misdemeanor
8:54 pm
charge carries a potential of up to one year in jail. when we come back, an honor for the legendary arnold palmer.
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>>gary: the highest award a united states citizen can receive what arnold palmer today. he was presented with a congressional gold medal in washington d.c..
8:57 pm
>>pam: he even has a drink named after him. good night.
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